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Welcome to the British Columbia
Construction & Landscaping Network

Welcome to BCdex and the BC Construction and Landscaping Network, your internet directory for the construction and landscaping industries in British Columbia.

At BCdex you will find both international manufacturers and suppliers who supply products and equipment around the world as well as construction and landscaping related contractors, professionals, suppliers and manufacturers operating within the province.

Attention: BCdex never sends out unsolicited emails that contain attachments or that ask recipients to click on something within the body of the email. All major sites like Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, etc. are subject to a scamming practice called "spoofing" that involves persons fraudulently "spoofing" email extensions such as and, in our case, in order to encourage recipients to open these emails thinking that they are legitimate.

One type of spoofers are those who are "spamming" advertisements for a variety of products and who are ashamed to use their real email extensions.

The second type of spoofers are sociopaths who enjoy sending viruses using spoofed email addresses. We suggest that all internet users utilize virus and trojan detecting programs that will automatically delete such emails before they enter your inbox.


At BCdex you can find out about construction companies, building management companies, contractors, professionals, manufacturers or suppliers in a number of ways.

  1. Basic Information (Name, Address & Phone Number) - by clicking on their category and scrolling through the listings.
  2. Contractors
    Suppliers & Manufacturers
    Management & Professionals

  3. Site Search Engine - Type in what you're looking for and let our Search Engine do the work.

  4. Website Links - To save you time phoning around some companies have provided you with detailed information about their company and the varieties of services they provide on their own websites. These companies can be found throughout the listings and are highlighted in light blue. Clicking on their listing will take you directly to that company's website where you can find out if they provide the exact services you require.

  5. Links - Many of the companies in the construction and landscaping industry are members of various organizations and associations throughout the province. A number of those organizations have their own web sites and has provided a link to most of those sites in our Construction and Landscaping Links page.


Contractors, Suppliers & Professionals
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